Calm, yes

Well Caesar, I’ve done what you’ve told me too.  We are on our way to becoming the chillest household this side of California.  Right now we are hanging out in the guest bedroom, where we keep him when we are off galavanting around Fort Collins.  He seems to get that it’s a relaxing place.  Way to go us.

Though there was a mysterious puddle on the bed this morning…  I think it may have just been drool, but how do you train a dog not to go on the furniture when you aren’t home?


Why I’m not paying attention in class

You’re droll, professors.  Not all the time, just some days when you haven’t had enough coffee, when your spouse has been ringing you all day about their problems, when you just wish you were out skiing instead.  I’m not blaming you.  Sometimes I can be boring, too.  It’s OK.

But please understand that if you are dull, then my Super-Special, attention-depleted brain cannot be expect to attend to your every word and poorly drawn illustration.

Any way professors, this is all I could think of in class.

See you in class tomorrow.

Sneak fish

The first thing that you should know is that Boy’s things are not very nice.  His couch is comfy, like nuzzling into the ball pit filled with bunny rabbits.  But it is also beigy-sand-dullness in color and I judge things on their looks.  As I am sleep-deprived and feeling mischeivious I’ve decided to toss goldfish into the couch and then when I find them it’s like a delicious surprise. (Apparently you should also know that I sanitize my apartment like nobody’s business.  I am notorious for scary piles of just laundered clothes.  Not dirty lothes piles, neglected clean clothes.  It’s weird.)

Right, so I am going to keep on reading HyperboleandaHalf and hidding snacks for Boy to find later.  I really need a pet or small child to blame this nonsenseical impulses on.

Hello world!

“Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

Hmm… I didn’t notice the whole world sitting here when I came in.  You seem awfully excited about this, WordPress.

If this one develops a cult-like following based on my “latent talent” I promise to kneel down to Boy and demonstrate my friend Erin’s sexual invention: the ballcuzzi.  Hell!  I’m not running for office, so I’ll even post it on the web.

The anonymity of mediocrity!  Hooray!